Dispute Resolution

  • Preparation of the case strategy, consulting
  • Mediation in disputes
  • Representation of clients in enforcement proceedings, relations and cases with bailiff
  • Debts and recovery cases
  • Transaction dispute cases
  • Rent, lease related cases
  • Insurance related cases
  • Real estate, construction related cases
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Tax disputes
  • Transport law cases
  • Public procurement cases
  • Environmental law cases
  • Family law cases
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring cases

Experience in Dispute Resolution

  • We provided legal advice to an energy company for damages and represented it in court
  • We advised one of the largest banks in the bankruptcy process, advised the bank’s administrator, represented the bank in court
  • We represented one of the largest insurance companies in the insurance benefit payment case (civil liability insurance case)
  • We represented a client in the dispute with the tax administrator; we provided advice in the issues related to VAT accounting and payment
  • We were continuously advising and representing one of the largest leasing companies in court, arbitration and relations with the third parties, provided legal supervision of the debt portfolio
  • We represented our clients (participants of the public procurement tenders) in the disputes with purchasing organizations
  • We represented our clients’ interests of breach of laws on competition (sanctions for application of the banned cartel arrangement)
  • We advised and represented our clients in the court on issues packaging waste management
  • We represented our client – an owner of the company – regarding indemnification for damages from the legal person
  • We represented one of the largest telecommunications companies on issues of rent, equipment installation, etc.
  • We provided advice to one of the largest tourism operators on indemnification for damages from the manager of the company

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